BEST Chinese Restaurant in Toowoomba? [HappyToo Premium Delivery]

by HappyToo
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BEST Chinese Restaurant in Toowoomba? [HappyToo Premium Delivery]

Good Morning (?) Everyone, (I like to write a blog in the morning! Probably, some of you guys are still asleep!)

A lot of customers frequently asked, "Where is the Best Chinese Restaurant in the town?". Today, we introduce you 'The Garden Restaurant ' & its most popular dishes recommended by HappyToo regular customers =) (0403 882 821 if any inquiries)

Part 1. Why it's so popular

(1) Absolutely Delicious Food - The local foodies, as well as many customers, mentioned the same feedback "The meals are very delicious", "Best tasting Chinese takeaway in Toowoomba" 

  • Behind the story by HappyToo Buddy - The master chef (Owner Mr. Wu) in the Garden Restaurant has started cooking since middle school (around 13-14 years old). He already has over 20 years of experience as a Chinese Cuisine Chef. His father is also a Chinese chef for a long period of time. The master chef, Wu, learned all the skills/techniques from his father. AMAZING

(2) Reasonable Price & Great Value - It's very generous servings with lots of vegetables and meats. 

  • (HappyToo Tip) Their lunch special is very generous and reasonable! Just over $10 (Weekday Only)

Part 2. Popular menus via (Place an order & Get it delivered)

  • Handmade Spring rolls & Sanchoi Bao
  • Honey Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork, Mongolian Lamb & Sichuan Style with Beef (Spicy)
  • Family Pack Special for your family!