How it works?

by HappyToo
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How it works?

HappyToo Premium Delivery Service

in Toowoomba #Locally produced quality products

  1. Pick up any products on your behalf from popular restaurants, groceries, fresh fruits, healthy food, bread & milk, flowers, medicine, and so on!
  2. How to place an order?
  • Decide what items would you like us to pick up/deliver 
  • Place an order via or Message us, 0403 882 821
  • You can pay by card over the Internet
  • The service fee is between $7.9 and $15.90 based on 
    • Distance from the pickup place to drop-off
  • Delivery Available Suburbs 
    • Entire Toowoomba suburbs (4350), Westbrook, Hodgson Vale, Withcott, and Gowrie Junction (max 13km). 
    • Highfields (Extra delivery fee will be charged for additional distance. Pre-order is always required before 4:30 pm on 7 days) 
  • The average ETA is 38-45 mins (The ETA is subject to change according to the restaurant)