Hello!! What's coming to HappyToo in 2021!?

by HappyToo
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Hello!! What's coming to HappyToo in 2021!?

Dear. Valued HappyToo Customers 

Thank you very much for supporting local businesses! We're working on giving you the much better experience :D

1. How did 2020 go? 

It was a tough year for all of our business clients, especially small-medium sized local businesses. Sadly, a few businesses permanently shut down due to Covid-19. However, most of the businesses reopened and successfully operating now.

Thanks to the continued support by the local customers, like you (*We love you!!),  we can still survive and move forward. We'll provide you the much better user-experience by closely collaborating with local businesses and local delivery buddies.

2.  What's new in 2021? 

We have received lots of customer's requests, and make it a summary below.

(1) More local pubs, beautiful cafes and gourmet/high-end restaurants

(2) Essential groceries - bakery, milk, water, and pet food.

(3) Locally produced quality food products - Honey, Fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats

Quality #Local Products #Local Customers #Local Producers #Local Drivers #Trust #Local Community

Please reply to us if you have any products that wish us to add on the HappyToo platform (We Go & Find)

3. What else?

(1) We'll constantly introduce new business partners, amazing products and popular dishes for you. *Keep an eye on it!

(2) The IT team will ADD the 'SAVED CARD' function soon and gradually improving the better User Interface now! 

(3) The more variety of businesses & products will be added on the HappyToo app before mid-February

If you have any inquiries, please contact friendly team via Facebook.com/happytooservice or 0403 882 821

Download an app & order (https://happytoo.app)