Beta Service: Tailored Local Business Recommendations

by HappyToo
2 minutes
Beta Service: Tailored Local Business Recommendations

Assist you to find reliable local businesses that meet your specific requirements or needs!

1. Customer Case Scenario

We're here to assist you in finding reliable local businesses, that meet your specific requirements! 

Case Scenario:  Finding a Reliable Caterer for an Event

Challenge: Sarah is a busy working mother organizing her daughter's birthday party. She wants a reliable caterer to provide gluten-free options for some guests. Her schedule is packed, and she doesn't have time for extensive research.

Solution: Sarah uses HappyToo's Personalised Recommendations service. She submits her requirements, specifying the need for a caterer specializing in gluten-free options for a children's birthday party. HappyToo's algorithm analyzes her request and provides Sarah with a list of reputable local caterers known for their quality service and gluten-free offerings.

Result: Sarah receives tailored recommendations within a short period. She explores the suggestions, reviews customer feedback, and confidently chooses a caterer that perfectly matches her requirements. This saves her time, ensures a successful party, and helps her discover a trusted local business hassle-free.

2. Pricing and Response Time

For the month of January 2024, our service is FREE to use. We operate on a 'No Found, No Charge' policy, ensuring you are only charged upon successful recommendations. Expect our team to respond within 3 hours upon your initial contact.

3. Contact us

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